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Office Furniture Upholstery Northwest Arkansas

Office furniture upholstery gives you the opportunity to change colors and textures and revitalize the look of your entire office. At Belton’s Quality Upholstery we do not believe that office furniture reupholstering  is a superficial endeaver, that all it involves is putting new fabric on an old sofa or chair. We completely remove the old fabric from your chair or sofa and inspect the frame, springs, webbing and padding for defects or problems. Wood chair frames are reinforced and restained if necessary. Then we apply the new upholstery fabric, which you can provide or select from our extensive collection of upholstery material samples.

Hotel Furniture Upholstery Northwest Arkansas

Most people that are not in the industry don’t understand how much traffic hotel furniture takes. Hotel furniture upholstery plays a key role in the ambiance and value of every hotel. Waiting area seating is the first impression that customers have when they walk in a hotel. It’s important to make sure that the furniture in this area is always kept in good condition. After a few years, that furniture can start to look bad from tears, scratches, stains, and other damages can take their toll on it. Instead of buying new furniture money can be saved by reupholstering hotel furniture. Upholstered waiting room furniture can be reupholstered in leather or fabric and is usually much cheaper to do than buying new furniture.

Restaurant Furniture Upholstery Northwest Arkansas

Customers pay attention to a lot of things when they go to a restaurant. Nobody will be impressed if your furniture is worn, dirty, and damaged, and it will hurt your reputation even if you have great food.  You don't have to buy  new furniture every time that furniture starts looking bad. Beltons Quality Upholstery can help by reupholstering restaurant furniture to look as good as new and you'll end up with  reupholstered restaurant furniture that looks brand new for a fraction of the cost of brand new furniture.

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